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About us

Strong innovation track record

Our innovations are used in a wide range of applications

New rFid Concept in France (Saint Grégoire) established in 2008. Yves ERAY: Expert in hardware radiofrequency & Antenna +15 years in radiofrequency, HF&UHF antenna, hardware


Amanda Sanchez : Business Manager


Business: Hardware radiofrequency, EMV Reader/Card, RFID Reader/Card/Tag, NFC Mobile/Tablet/Whatch, 3G Telecom, Automotive, Medical, Security, Toy (…)


Patents: 18 delivery in the world


R&D investissement: > 100KE/year


Engineer Team: HF/UHF analog, radiofrequency and antenna expert


Customers: US, EU, Korea, China


Products customers: US, EU, Asia, South America and Australia

Our partners & some customers

They trust our skills and embed our innovative antennas in their devices. We help them meet their diverse environmental and application needs for contactless and applications including emv/rfid smartcards, tags, and readers, NFC mobile phones.