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EMV Cards & RFID Tags

EMV & RFID Antenna design benefits

  • Tiniest
  • All support (PVC, PET, Paper, Metal...)
  • Wire and Etched (aluminium, copper...)

Latest Antenna Design patented

  • Tiny Tag : Integrated everywhere (Ex. on the Bee or Baby doll or stylo) for all RFID applications !
         & Tiny Tag for bees (Video)
         & Tiny Tag for tracking bees (Video)
         & Tiny Tag for Doll and Bic (Video)
  • Minotaur Antenna Contacts pad : antenna integrated in the Contacts Pads - No prelam integrated in Card !
  • High Efficient Low Tag size : our antenna increases the range of communication by +50% compare standard antenna !
  • NFC Human sticker : data telemetry (temperature, pressure ...) by NFC Phone (Video)